Acts 20:28
Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

Established in 1904

November 13, 1903
A business meeting of the Smithland Baptist Church was called to discuss the need to establish a baptist church in the Panhandle.  The meeting was held at the residence of Thomas Braswell, a member of the Panhandle community.  Most of the members at the meeting would later become charter members of Ohio Valley Baptist Church.

May 3, 1904
Ohio Valley Baptist Church was organized on this date with 49 charter members.  Immediately after organizing, the church was called to order for transaction of business by the moderator, Brother E. Eaton.  During the meeting, Brother Eaton was elected at deacon.

December 6, 1904
A motion was made to construct a church on land donated by Miss Kitty Anderson.  Mr. Leslie McDonald writes in his book, Echoes of Yesteryear, “that some energetic ladies were key figures in organizing the baptist church in the Panhandle.  Mrs. Rebecca Ledbetter and Mrs. Zue Cooper rode horseback as far as Kuttawa to secure support.  Miss Kitty Anderson gave them the deed for the ground.  Today there is a modern church plant with all the conveniences.”  Echoes of Yesteryear by Leslie McDonald, copyright 1972.

The church accepted the $725.00 bid of J.G. Barnes to construct the church building.  The building was to bee 32’ wide and 48’ long with 15’ walls.  The building was to have had eight windows and two doors.  The floor and ceiling were to be constructed of first class pine. 

May 18, 1904
The church elected the first building committee:  Joel Grace Barnes, William Washington Eaton, James Lee Moore, Robert A. Speece, Thomas Conner, and Henry Holloway.

August 1904
The annual session of the Ohio River Association of Missionary Baptists was held at Deer Creek Baptist Church.  This was the first meeting that Ohio Valley Baptist Church had the opportunity to attend. 

December 1904
The church voted to start the foundation for the church.

June 4, 1905
The church elected the first trustees.  Those chosen were W.M. Ledbetter, James Moore, and C.R. Barnes.

July 26, 1928
Laura Fiers joined Ohio Valley Baptist Church.  Mrs. Laura, currently 99 years of age, has been a member of Ohio Valley for more than 79 years and is the oldest member of the church. 

August 1937
Ohio Valley hosted the annual session of the Ohio River Association of Missionary Baptists.

October 21, 1956
This is the first recorded business meeting of Ohio Valley.  The meeting was called to secure a $4,000.00 loan from the Bank of Tilene for construction of Sunday School rooms.  The church elected five trustees to obtain the loan - Jim Smith, Harry Jeffrey, Duke Hollowell, Pete Paschal, and Oliver Eison.  The church also nominated six men to serve as deacons:  James “Buddy” House, Charles Hopkins, Robert Doyle, Jack Colson, Benny Blankenship, and Henry Jacobs.

November 4, 1956
At an ordination service, Brother L.E. Ledbetter was ordained as deacon and Brother Elvis Cooper was ordained to preach the gospel. 

April 29, 1959
The church voted to purchase 5.7 acres of land in front of the church building. 

June 12, 1960
The church voted to pay the pastor $65.00 per week instead of a percentage of receipts.

October 16, 1962
Brother J.W. Hanson resigned as pastor.  The pastorate of Brother Hanson is the longest history of Ohio Valley.

February 12, 1963
The church voted to call Brother Jewell Barrett a pastor.

August 11, 1964
Ohio Valley hosted the first day of the annual session of the Ohio River Association of Missionary Baptists.

October 25, 1964
The church ordained Charles Mont Cooper, Herman English, and Gerald Jeffrey as deacons.

November 13, 1966
The church ordained Harold Wayne Hopkins as a deacon.

December 31, 1968
The church ordained Robert E. Smith as a deacon

March 23, 1969
The church voted to call Brother Allen Jones as pastor.

April 1969
The church voted to purchase a house on Cody Cooper Road for $12,500.00 to be used as the parsonage.  The church also voted to build a new auditorium.

September 2, 1970
The church accepted a bid from C & L Construction of $66,940.00 for construction of the new church auditorium.  The new addition was to seat approximately 400 people and would include a baptistry, washrooms, nursery, and pastor’s study.

December 19, 1971
The church ordained Eddie Osburn to the ministry.  Eddie will be the pastor of Cave Springs Baptist Church.

August 1, 1979
The church accepted a bid from C & L Construction of $115,470.00 for construction of an educational wing attached to the church auditorium that would contain Sunday School rooms, washrooms, a fellowship hall, and kitchen.  The building would also contain a second floor that could be finished into Sunday School rooms at a later date.

November 1, 1979
The church ordained Reggie Pope as a deacon.

July 1982
The church voted to call Brother Howard Pryor as pastor.

November 12, 1985
The church ordained Kenton W. Smith, Michael O. Smith, and Wayne Roberts as deacons.

September 1988
The church voted to call Brother Darrin R. Miller as pastor.

October 30, 1988
The church promoted “Friend Day” with an emphasis on Sunday School attendance.  A new Sunday School was established with 249 in attendance.

February 26, 1989
A special Note Burning Service took place to burn the educational building note.

July 21, 1991
The church voted to call Brother F. Wayne Carter as pastor.

November 13, 1991
The church voted to call Frank Sullivan as music director.

August 12, 1992
The church voted to build a new parsonage on property next to the church.  Charles Hopkins Construction was given the job to complete the building with an estimated cost of approximately $85,000.00.  When the building was complete, the actual cost was $82,658.00.

November 7, 1992
Brother Wayne Carter and family moved into the church parsonage.

January 3, 1993
A special Note Burning Service took place to burn the parsonage note.  The parsonage was debt free before the first payment was made on the note.

December 25, 1994
Christmas morning worship service was highlighted by a baptismal service featuring three generations of the same family:  Doris Gilbert, Ricky Gilbert, and Michael Gilbert.

June 1996
The church voted to call Brother Gerald “Jerry” Howard as pastor.

December 2, 1999
The church made the first payment to Summit Development LLC on the construction of a metal activity building with basketball court, fellowship hall, kitchen, washrooms, storage room, and classroom.  Several members of the church with construction skills completed the interior of the building over the next few months.

September 2000
The church voted to call Jeff Pierce as music director.

Ocober 6, 2002
The church ordained Don Thompson as a deacon.

January 8, 2003
The church voted to license Kerry Stewart to the ministry and Jeff Pierce to the music ministry.

January 18, 2004
Taylor Littlejohn received baptism.  She received Christ as her Savior on January 4, 2004.  Taylor is the youngest member of Ohio Valley.

April 18, 2004  
The church ordained Kerry Stewart to the ministry.  Kerry will be the pastor of Mint Springs Baptist Church.

May 2, 2004
Ohio Valley Baptist Church celebrated its 100 year anniversary. 

October 2006 Jim Parks is called to be the church music minister.

June 2007
The church voted to call Brother Charles Terry Mitcheson as pastor.

March 12, 2008 Jared Merritt became an active deacon. He was ordained at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

May 18, 2008
Ricky Gilbert and Gaylon May were ordained at deacons.

May 11, 2011 Robert Stone became an active deacon. He was ordained at Peters Creek Baptist Church in 1997.

May 11, 2011 The church voted to ordain Jared Merritt to preach.

December 6, 2015 Donnie Jones and Jeremy Doyle were ordained as deacons.

Church Pastors
E.M. Eaton
W.R. Gribbs
J.C. Kinsolving
E.M. Eaton
John Grady
A. Moore
Paris Burkhart
John Grady                   
C.R. Barnes
J.W. Hansen
Jewell Barrett
Allen Jones
Howard Pryor
Darin Miller
Wayne Carter
Jerry Howard
Terry Mitcheson                                       

Our apologies for any omissions and/or errors that are found in these historical sketches.